Money Thoughts

I am working through the Money course (Beliefs/Video #1) and trying to nail down my main thought around money in what Brooke calls the “Big Money Model.” When I look at my R line and work it backward, many thoughts come to mind.

T – I can only have so much money.
T – It’s not okay to want more than I have because there’s not much, to begin with.
T – Be happy with what you have.
T – Don’t earn more than what you need.
T – I don’t want to take too much. (Meaning I don’t want to earn too much because that’d be taking more than my share and therefore taking away from others.)
T – It’s not okay to earn more.

So now I’ve identified these thoughts, I’m curious how to narrow it down to my main T line in what Brooke calls your Big Money Model?

Any suggestions?