Money, Time, & Working Harder

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been working on money beliefs. I set a goal of paying off my student loan debt this year of $64,000. I picked up a second job where I am making an extra 30k on top of my base 9-5 job of 65k. When you launched the second round of openings for the certification program all I could think about was 18k and made that amount in February based off of a bonus from work plus taxes and money from my three jobs (9-5 consulting job, second consulting freelance work, and coaching business). I spent that money paying off credit card debt and traveling. But then found out I could still apply to your program so after I found out I could make that much in a month I signed up and was accepted to your certification for August and CANNOT WAIT! 🙂

Another goal I have this year is to start and make 10k from my coaching business which I now am realizing is WAY too low. So now all my extra money is going to pay for life coach school which I’m super pumped about and have amazing feelings towards so I’m not concerned about that but when I was reading/listening to the money podcast you had one thought in there that said “I don’t have to work harder to make more money” which I love.

Ultimately, I want to pay off life coach school before I attend, quit my second job after I attend life coach school and go all in with my coaching business (because right now I’m having a hard time making time for all) and then pay off my student loans before 2018. Lol which feels like a lot? So I have two main thought models I’ve been trying to work through, one on making time for my own business, and the other on making money without taking on more jobs. What are your thoughts about all of this?

Unintentional Time Model
C: Time
T: I don’t have time to create content for my coaching business on top of my two jobs that already pay me
F: stressed
A: inaction, continually map out my time but never budget in time for my coaching business
R: No content for coaching business, no progress towards coaching business goal

Intentional Time Model
C: Time
T: I have plenty of time to create 30 blogs in 30 days for my coaching business
F: excited
A: Map out time for each day where I sit down and write out the blog for the day, honor my time and space for that, when I don’t feel like doing it, I still do it because I told myself I would
R: 30 blogs in 30 days for my coaching business

Unintentional Money Model
C: Money
T: I won’t be able to pay off my student loans and quit my second job which won’t let me go all in on my coaching business
F: anxious
A: worry, budget, restrictive mentality, continue doing the same thing I’ve been doing, inaction
R: Won’t pay off my loans, won’t quit my second job, won’t go all in with my coaching business

Intentional Money Model
C: Money
T: I don’t have to work harder to make more money
F: Relaxed
A: Do money training on scholars, daily money journal, remind myself everything is happening for me, meditate, work on poor money and time beliefs, continue to work models, (I don’t know what else goes in this line)
R: I want the R line to be, pay off student loans, go all in with my coaching business

I feel ridiculous even saying I want all those things… I should be working on that thought.

Thank you for all you do!