Money Training

Hi Brooke,
So I FINALLY got the nerve to take this training. And I did it correctly – not just watching you for entertainment (as per my usual MO). I mean, I took copious notes, did the exercises, etc. Some of my beliefs shocked me, some did not. I am excited to employ the tools to change my relationship with money. Thank you for saying that debt is just a circumstance – I’ve always made it a reflection of my quality as a person (I’m greedy, stupid, etc.) and this certainly has not helped.

Here are models I came up with this morning

C Debt
T I’m so stupid for incurring consumer debt
F Anxious, Sad, Unworthy, Bad
A Shop for the Dopamine hit to feel better
R More debt

C Debt
T I now have many tools to help me learn how to love money
F Calm, Empowered
A Be more mindful of money
R Improved relationship with money

I am also ready to start cleaning out this weekend. I don’t think have a lot of stuff but I bet I really do have more than I think. I love the idea of giving my closets, bookcases, etc. time to breathe.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Thank you so much.

Mary Jo