Money – Trying to Untangle the Thoughts

C – Less money coming in the door than I’m used to
T – I don’t want to go backwards in life
F – Fear
A – work with coach, feel the feelings, do somatic work, try and figure it out
R – Feel like I’m getting there but haven’t quite worked it out yet

I realized today when i was little and living in my family home I felt no connection to my parents, hated living there, didn’t want to be poor like them, was going to get money and get out of there. Achieved.
Met husband, made lots of money, felt no connection, hated living with him wanted to get out of there. Achieved.

So logically I can see that money had nothing to do with either situation because one had no money, one had lots.
I have assumed I’m fearful of not having money because I’ll end up feeling like I did as a child but the fact is even with lots of money I felt that way.

I’m now in a relationship with amazing connection, I don’t feel trapped but I am still fearful of not having enough money.

I’m not sure how to untangle why I’m so fearful around losing money.