Money & Value Creation


First: LOVING the “underearning” lesson plans with Aprille. So damn good. As such, it lead my into the study vault to dig into the “Money: Beliefs & Goals” piece (also excellent).

SO, I have a lot of unpacking to do around money, which I’ve always known “tried to work on” (unsuccessfully), and I’m actively focused on fixing this because I know it’s getting in the way of my “success” and potential (grew up in a very financially stressed environment, parents only/always fought about money, and many of my childhood holidays and memories and drama are around the anxiety, stress and ambiguity around not ever having enough etc…); on the upside it has always lit a fire under my ass and my siblings’, to work hard and get a good education and invest in oneself, so value savings, always negotiate and set bar high for careers and opportunities — which was a solid lesson from my parents.

I’ve always been a person who prefers/looks towards stable corporate America jobs over entrepreneurship, because of the stability and benefits, and now that I’ve thrived through the pandemic and an epic layoff, I am on the other side of it, just landed my dream job with a significant salary jump (that I went after and aggressively negotiated, backed by my value sell), and I’ve been working on a side business to create more value and make money.

SO my new job in corporate America (started last week) is huge, and awesome, and I have much less time for side hustle buildout, but I will still prioritize windows to grow it and maintain it. I have a specific question on creating value and the tactics in order to do so. Are the any SCS lessons on this? I love how Brooke takes us through “beliefs and goals and mindsets” in the course, and now I believe I need more lessons on tactics to execute value creation (or something of the like), as I know that my corporate America job is a nice stepping stone towards weather and my money goals, but I know I want to own something and build it so that I can have unlimited potential for financial growth, opportunities, legacy building and generational wealth. Thoughts?

Also, in my side hustle, I am building out products/services that consistently overdeliver to help women on the verge of change (currently free) and I’m having a tough time with “when to charge” for something and how much…because I feel like “everyone is trying to make a buck on online stuff/crap, and I don’t just want to be another one” (yes I know I need to just focus on me and what I deliver and the value…) but would love some thoughts on here, especially since I don’t have as much time AND I want to look at this is a building of the foundation of what will be a huge thing over the years that will bring me joy and allow me to build out my wealth.

How do you balance: corporate America job with significant earning potential (but we all know most of those have a cap), a side business buildout that actually makes money, and grows; AND desire to be rich but create the plan to get there.