money vs passion II

Hi! I’m back for a second round of advice on a topic I have brought up before: The thing I love to do doesn’t bring money, and I feel I have to choose between doing what I love and earning money. I hear you when you say that this is just a limiting thought… but what I love most is writing poetry – non-commercial, abstract, lofty stuff. There is no-one in the world who can live off this. It just doesn’t pay. I think that trying thoughts like “I can earn money AND do what I love” doesn’t work here. (Unless you think of a situation where you do what you love purely as a hobby, which is not a real solution). I think the situation must be similar for people who love doing social work, or teachers or nurses for example – there is just no big money in these types of employment. So what do we do, we people who love to do things that don’t pay?