Money Work – Did I choose to create the money my husband earned and his mother gave us?

Hi Brooke, I am one of your newly certified coaches and I am asking this question for myself as much as my clients (stay at home mums). I am doing the Money work from Self Coaching Scholars and I am stumped about working our whether I really have that much input into the joint account my husband and I have. I have always worked (basically a minimum wage) until we had kids and then I stopped working for a period. My husband’s family has money, he saved a lot of money his entire life and my mother in law gave us a large sum of money towards the house we are currently building. We are going to own our home which is a significant amount of monetary value. I see this as “our” money, I also see that I have helped sustain this amount of money, but I don’t believe that I “chose to create” this money. I don’t think that this belief affects the money I can earn in the future. I know I can earn lots of money! But I want to get your thoughts on how to understand how choice plays a role, when I didn’t directly contribute any large sum to our family assets. I noticed that in the money bonus you asked to estimate how much money we had – so I divided our assets in half, that simplified it and felt fine, but I don’t feel like I “chose to create that amount”. What are your thoughts? Thanks!