Money Worries

I’m in a constant spin of worry around making CCP payments. I can look at my bank account and see that the money is there. But there’s still this fear of running out of money before all the payments are due. This takes so much of the focus out of my business and bringing in income – which is where my focus should be. How can I stop indulging? The worry seems to be there even when I’m not focused on it. It’s always lingering in the background and creating anxiety.

C: $3K still owed monthly for next 4 months ($12K total), $15,639 in checking account
T: I’m going to run out of money
F: worried
A: let myself spin in worry, make graspy offers, look for external validation that money will be coming in (sales page clicks, email clicks, likes on social media), don’t show up confidently/certain; don’t appreciate that this is an investment; don’t remind myself that I’m capable of making this investment back and so much more.
R: Bank account drains without putting money back in