Money Worry

Some mornings I wake up with an intense feeling of worry about money. It seems to come in waves every couple of weeks. My finances and the savings and debt numbers flow through my mind and what if’s. I know realistically there is no money problem, we have enough, we’ve always had enough, we always will, I’m good with money, I take amazing care of it, but still my mind thinks I have a money problem and not enough and in some way screwed up, especially if we just made a big investment like home renovation or the reinvention experience.

Do you have any suggestions on how to politely acknowledge the brain when it brings worry to the table without latching onto the worry or how to put this in a model?

I know if I try to solve the “money problem,” I skip workouts to sit and “figure it out,” don’t tend to my daily tasks, I am grumpy with my family, and beat myself up all day, etc.


C wake up with worry about money
T I need to figure this out
F ? Motivated? Curious? Driven?
A immediately sit down with journals and bank statements and accounts. Make projections, think about what I spent it on, regret and wish I didn’t do certain things. Switch finances around to appear to have more or enough. Don’t – go on with planned workouts or day plans; not happy with family or kids. Not grateful for what I have.
R ?


C wake up with feeling worry about money
T this is normal
F relaxed
A welcome the worry, feel it in my body, allow it to come throughout my day, and stay as long as it needs. don’t react to it or start looking at finances and make switches in my accounts or future budgets or what if scenarios. Don’t skip my workout or spend time on my phone and journal “figuring.” Don’t even pay attention to the thoughts causing. Decide to look at finances at set times in week.
R ?

I’m not sure of the result. I would love suggestions on my model or other Ts I could think about worry.