Monster urge

Hi dear coach,
I’ve realised that I’ve always thought of my urges as something hideous, terrifying, like a clammy zombie hand getting out of my tummy and wanting to reach out for more food and there was nothing I could do against that. Not helpful.
So I’ve decided it was indeed a monster, but not such a horrible one. I browsed the Internet and opted for this picture of a pink cute kitten with wings which you can see here:
That feels so much better! It’s much easier to manage when I think of it. I named it Mia (short for “miaou” – meeow – and “miam” – yummy in French). I get to know this kitten and that’s all. Nothing to worry about. I also know Mia is going to pay me a visit whenever I’ve finished my meal and she’s going to ask for more. Of course, that’s what she does and it’s ok.
Thank you for helping me make this huge shift!
Have a great day!