This month has been the best and I am seeing progress in my life!!

Not a question but just have to write that I have love this month so darn much. After all of the thought work I have been doing this year around my weight, getting into a new relationship and my career, I was ready for change. I had remodeled my downstairs last year but still had shit that needed to go. I have gotten so much done and purged a shit ton of crap. I was surprised at how easy this was for me which in my mind means I was ready to move forward. Just this last week, I met someone special through online dating. I signed up for scholars to lose the rest of my weight but I know I want to find a relationship and a new job. My brain has been freaking out and saying there is no way I can do it all. I have continued to do the work and I am starting to see the benefits. I am scarred as fuck about this new guy but I am doing this shit scarred. He is also on a mission to get healthy and lose weight which is just amazing.

Thanks again for just a wonderful program. SCS gets better every freaking month. I kept feeling like I was not progressing much because I have not yet seen a huge drop in my weight but I am starting to realize that I have made tons of progress. Cleaning out your house and cleaning out your brain is just brilliant. xoxox Christy Pearce