Monthly Spending

This is a follow up to my questions asking in my previous question about budgeting.
I’m working through the money videos in the study vault.

I really looked at the response where it was pointed out my “better” thought had underlying scarcity baked in. “Your suggestion “I can learn to fit my needs inside $119?” sounds like it has some subtext that reads: “Yes but that is a very tight window that I will have to scrimp and scrounge to fit within.”

So I took did a model on this and would like some feedback. I think I’m still missing something with my new model:

C- $119/week
T- $119/week isn’t a lot of money
F – Flippant
A – Mindlessly spend the money + more
R – Create debt because of overspending

C – $119/week
T – $476 is more than enough to cover my needs
F – determined and motivated
A – Budget, track my purchases, plan when I’m going to spend
R – $476 would cover my monthly expenses easily

When I read the second model, I instantly think that I’m living in la-la land and that it’s not possible to have the R just from the T listed. Do I just keep practicing the T until the A and R are there? When I think the T, I do get a really solid feeling of determination and motivation in the moment I think it.

It also occurs to me that I might be coming at this with a lot of 4 year-old old impulsive thinking and that it really will take practicing planning and adult behavior to live within any set $ amount not just this particular one.