Moody Boss

My boss is very good and very well respected. However, he can be moody. Somedays he is in a great mood and other days he is very touchy. On days when he is moody I find i’m walking on egg shells and find it hard to do my work. I also find that I want to fix his mood by being extra nice but I find this to be exhausting. However, I feel if I don’t try get on his good side, he will find fault with me and maybe try and get rid of me. How can I show up and do excellent work every day and not let his mood affect me.

unintentional Model
C: Boss is not in a good mood and is griping and looking to take it out on someone
T: I’m afraid he is going to lash out at me, worried about losing job, so I end up avoiding him
F: very anxious
A: have difficulty focusing on work and doing a good job
R: Anxiety increases and don’t get much done, give him reason to be upset

Intentional Model
C: Boss in a bad mood
T: If he lashes out at me, ignore it, it’s just him and that’s ok (?)
F: less anxious

I’m having trouble with the intentional model, because when he acts this way, I resent his behavior. What thought can I have that eliminates the resentment and help me be chill and stay focused?