Moon Face Syndrome

Hello coaches!
So I have always been a naturally thin person and then when I turned 23 I gained a bunch of weight. I ended up taking it off and then at the age of 33, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was put on steroids which then contributed to a bunch of weight gain because I was never full. It also caused something called moon face where your face is consistently puffy. I have such a tiny face that when I gain any amount of weight it makes me look so puffy everywhere. Now, I am 43 years old and am in really great shape but still struggle with the moon face syndrome. What I mean by this is that since I have been doing this work and started reading work by Joe Dispenza I have realized that I always think my face is puffy and so I make it happen. I saw my face as physically puffy for so long that I default to thinking that it still is. I wake up in the morning and don’t love my face so in return it shows up puffy and doesn’t love me back. I am also dabbling with wanting to not eat sugar anymore and am finding it difficult of course. I want to be in the best shape of my life and I know I can push it even further by eating well and fueling my body rather than just feeding it. How do I start doing this without caring what anyone else thinks of me. It’s so weird that I care because I don’t want to. My brother’s partner is a vegetarian and is a bit nutty about everything she eats and where it is sourced and lots of people make fun and I don’t want to care about being made fun of. I really just want to have my own back honestly. I never thought I had issues with eating and being overweight but I think I do. I need a bit of advice here as even when I gain 2 or 3 pounds I freak out! I need to find a balance and love myself all the time!! PS. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I am really proud of that which is why I want to push even further by eliminating sugar. And also, help me love my face!!!