Moon, stars & 2nd place

Hi Brooke. I have this big impossible goal (thanks December) and this list of great Q1 tasks. The problem is – already I am not hitting the mark. You know the saying – shoot for the moon because if you come up short, you’ll still land among the stars – or something like that. Well, fact of the matter is I don’t WANT the stars. I WANT THE MOON!!! I don’t want to settle. And I feel like if I don’t meet the monthly benchmarks that I set for myself (in this case, it’s lose 13 pounds in January), that I’m already settling and won’t meet my big impossible goal. I’ve done lots of thought downloads and models on this and recently discovered a big fat scary underlying thought: I always come up short. I’ve realized that I’ve lived most of my life with this thought. It goes right along with my all or nothing mentality – that 2nd place isn’t good enough so I might as well be last. Other sneaky thoughts that have been lurking include things like: I always set my goals too high, the things I want are always just out of reach, I’ll never make it. So. I’m struggling with the proper connection between trying hard, giving it my all, being all in verses making mistakes, forgiving myself and moving on gently. Obviously if I’m thinking that I will come up short, I will. And, apparently, the closer it gets to February, the more panicked I feel and the more food exceptions I “sneak” in. I’ve lost 9 pounds in January, which IS better than nothing but definitely not the 13 I planned for. I can do better. I WANT to do better. I’ve identified some of the big scary dumb thoughts. But because I’ve lived with them so long and they feel so believable, I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with them or identify new thoughts that will help me feel excited about my weight loss goals. I’d love your coaching on this!