Moral Nihilism + Existentialism

Mind = blown. So I had a great coaching session and talked about how I want to stop “should-ing” myself but that doing so requires me deciding entirely for myself what I should and shouldn’t do in each moment. And that if there is no right or wrong decision or action and all circumstances are neutral, there is no right or wrong at all! There is only what I decide. I truly felt it in my bones, not just as an intellectual exercise. This felt mindblowing.

Isn’t this a terrifying level of freedom, not just for me – but for everyone! And yet, it appears to be true description of the world. There is no universal meaning (Nihilism) except the meaning we choose to decide to create (existentialism). I hadn’t realized until now that the self coaching model is basically describing how the human mind creates meaning (via our thoughts) from meaninglessness (neutral circumstances).

My questions are: Does Brooke/LCS agree; was this connection intentional; and is there further reading that Brooke might suggest along the lines of the model and existentialism?

This is fascinating. And daunting, because now I have to /am choosing to create my own manifesto for living and creating meaning in each moment. I am tired in advance! 🙂 And I can see why relying on someone else’s system is both appealing and stifling…

Thank you!