More dating drama

I hung out with a new person I’m dating last night and after awhile they said they were tired and asked me to leave. I had a lot of thoughts about this that hurt my feelings.

C: “They said “I’m tired I’m going to go to sleep”
T: They don’t like me
F: Disappointed
A: Call my friend and complain about this relationship, write into ACA, make it mean that this person doesn’t like me
R: I have the most difficult time with the R line. I think the result is feeling sad but that would go in the feeling line. Do you have tips for figuring out the R line?

After this happened I sent a text saying I felt like the energy was off or something was wrong. They said they were just tired and then I felt really bad for bringing it up. I feel like I beat myself up and make myself feel like I’m doing things wrong in dating.

C: I said “I felt like the energy was off when we were hanging out or am I reading that wrong?”. They said they were just tired.
T: I shouldn’t have sent that text
F: Anxious
A: Spend the day thinking about how I shouldn’t have sent that text, waste a lot of time regretting sending that text, make it mean that I did something wrong, make it mean this person isn’t going to like me now because of the text
R: I’m not sure the R line