More Energetic Feelings for Model

I need help coming up with a T line that creates a more powerful feeling to support me getting results I want.

This is the model I have so far:

C-Body 6 months post hip replacement
T-I want my fitness and health to be a number one priority
F- Hopeful
A- complete physical therapy exercises every morning, walks every other day, yoga three times a week, continue on anti-inflammatory diet, create and achieve fitness goals of increasing difficulty.
R- I am stronger and healthier than before my surgery.

When I first wrote this model, I thought it was OK. And then I realized I wasn’t buying it, because even though I feel hopeful, it’s not isn’t going get me the result I want.
I realize that for me feeling hopeful is just like saying I’m going to try, it’s kind of wishy-washy for this model.
I want to feel determined or better yet committed. But, hopeful is where I am at, especially when I take time to reflect and let this feeling sink into my body. It’s kind of blah.

When I ask myself why do I feel hopeful-versus a more energetic feeling, what comes up for me is that I don’t know if I can get back to my pre-surgery athletic self. And even though my doctor and therapist tell me I’m making fantastic progress, I’m not getting in the requisite amount of exercise that’s been prescribed. I’ve been working long hours and then feeling drained at the end of the day and frequently letting my exercise regimen slide. It’s as if part of me believes I can do it and part of me doesn’t believe it at all.

What else do I need to ask myself?
What can I put on my T line to bridge me to getting committed feeling?