More fasting questions

Hi Brooke! Today’s fasting questions: I eat lunch at 12pm and dinner at 8pm. Every day I get less and less hungry. Hunger does come in waves but nothing I can’t manage and it fades away quickly. When 12 pm came I wasn’t really that hungry. I mean I couls eat but I could easily go a few more hours. I chose to eat since due to my work schedule I wouldn’t be able to eat again until 8pm and I have yet to do a 24 hour fast. Thoughts on this?

The second question is. Should I be eating the same amount of food in 2 meals that I was eating when eating 4 meals? I know I am eating less food now and can’t see how I would add more food as I get full with less food now. I am worried I might not be eating enough. I know you don’t count calories. I still do as I make this transition and it comes out to 900ish each day. What are your thoughts?

Thank you!