More food is more rewarding

Hi there! So the circumstances today are that I have a dinner protocol with XXX food and I feel my hunger scale is below what I normally would have to eat all the planned food. What comes up is:

T: If I was hungrier, and I was desiring to put all the food I planned into my mouth, I would be more satisfied [Underlying Belief B: big meals are more rewarding than small meals, the more food I have, the more I’ll feel satisfied]
F: missing out
A: take a long walk, postpone my meal to build hunger
R: I don’t enjoy the present, the things I do in the present are functional to enjoy my dinner without missing out

So I am happy to have gained awareness, and I am at peace with me thinking this. However, I am not sure which side to move to try to change it now. Could you perhaps offer me some alternative thoughts to question the current ones? Thanks!