More in-depth about manifestation. (Future podcast request, please!)

I had the realization today that the Model really is about intentional manifestation, so I was wondering if Brooke would be willing to speak more to how manifestation works on a subconscious level.

For example, I write in my journal every day that I am manifesting 2019 is the year I go to the Life Coach School.

I just launched my beta membership program coaching post-operative bariatric patients how to take off regained weight by learning the ONE THING most bariatric programs are missing: The MINDSET piece. I am going full launch in January. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I was able to mentally do this because of the Model, and feeling the fear, but doing it anyway.

BUT will my membership ever take off… is it enough to just FEEL the results?

I’m envisioning what 1000 members this year looks and FEELS like (I currently have 40 hahaha).

I would love an in-depth chat (like in an upcoming podcast) about manifesting the things you want, a la The Secret.

How is it that people will say things like, “I am going to live in that house someday” and then five years later, the stars align and that VERY house becomes available the same time you’ve cleaned up your credit and saved up enough for a down payment. (Just an example.)

The world says, “Coincidence!”, but the Model teaches, “Your THOUGHTS created this outcome.”

So please, I just want more, more, more in-depth about thoughts creating our outcome. How much are we able to WILL into existence??

Thanks so much!