More Money Models

Hello! I may post on here a lot about money now, but I want to keep getting feedback to understand my money models. Here is another model(s) I have:
C- Money
T- There is not enough money to do all the things I want to do and still save.
A- Spend anyway, not save, spend outside of budget
R- Not have enough money and not save?

This thought comes from when I do our monthly budget. I write down all of our expenses and it seems like we don’t have enough at the end to really do anything or put money into savings.

T- If there is not enough money for me to do all the things I want, then screw it, I’m just going to spend anyway!
F- Defiant
A- Spend money outside of budget, not save for the things I want
R- Continue to spend?

I also am trying to move towards a new model:
C- Money
T- I have some money already.

I’m not really sure what I would do in my intentional model. I also realize I could get deeper in all of my models. Do I just keep asking myself why or so what? Thanks!