More please!

Hi Brooke,
I absolutely loved your episode on the work ethic. If anything that is one of your secret sauces! It actually made me laugh because it’s like you go to a great chef and would tell you all of the things they do but just in passing very late in the game they drop the key ingredient to their success without even realizing because to them it’s just too obvious. I actually think it would be worth doing a month or even a series or deep dive into that productive mindset because I’ve never had it and I See that that has been what has held be back working for the love it. I’m really going to take this on as my new practice and keep ire listening to that podcast but would LOVE more on that. I know you also kind of capture it also with the way that you plan your workday and your schedule so that’s part of it but the mindset is worth more time. Anyway just in idea. I am going to be putting this into practice religiously for the next month. Any ideas for practices?

Thank you so much for thisgame changer!!