More questions about work

I didn’t feel good about work today. I find that I am consistently hard on myself. Business is going very well. I feel very satisfied with my job and I love my work as a real estate agent. The trouble is that I am constantly indecisive about the decisions I make, what I say, and exactly how I say it, what I do, how much time a choose spending on a task, I’m even indecisive about what I don’t do! …. I try to be gentle with myself, but the indecisive thoughts always come up and I make me feel so doubtful and unsatisfied with my accomplishments. It so annoying to live like this and I’ve spent years of therapy working thought this, I’ve gotten much better over the years, however this feel is still bothering me, for example today… The whole day I just doubted everything. It’s like I couldnt win no matter what. Any thoughts on that?