More questions on self love

How do I change my feelings towards myself without changing my circumstances of myself? How can I love myself even though I am not perfect? I asked myself why I don’t love myself and my reasons are because I’m not perfect. I don’t talk to people well. I don’t honor myself well. I don’t have a better job. I beat myself up too much. How can I feel love even with having flaws? What does this look like day in and day out? I mean I know that I can love myself no matter what, but I don’t think that is believable to me yet. This month my thought is I’m becoming someone who does love herself.
Does that look like self-appreciation? How can I appreciate my flaws? What does that look like step by step?
How can I love myself without having to make external changes? Maybe I keep repeating the questions, but some clarity would be super helpful. Thank you!