More Work

I need more work. I built a practice and have been targeted by my colleagues who have defamed me and told others not to trust me / that I cost too much. I had a busy practice until 2016 and I suddenly lost 25% of my income. I have plateaued and have only just started to turn my business figures around. I had kids so took my eye off the ball around 2010 and didn’t notice my colleagues (competitors) were defaming me, telling my referrers that I lacked expertise and was expensive. I am more qualified than they are with more experience. I have blamed the economy, the weather, everything. I have gone back to referrers and promoted my offering but my referral numbers aren’t shifting over the last 6 months. I have done a lot of thought work and really cleaned up my thinking about how I love my job and how I love my patients. I have also cleaned up my money mindset. I am very frugal and make long term financial plans. Any suggestions?