Morning or Evening thought download ? What is the difference ?

Hi Brooke,

I have been doing well with my homework since I started again. I am very committed E-VE-RY DAY.
What helped me alot was to look for a notebook. I found a Journal I bought years ago, so beautiful and meaningful to me that I waited to have precious things to write in it. I started writing my thougt download on it and it feels more intimate than writing on my computer on the pdf version of the homework handbook.
I know that you don’t ship the study material abroad, is there a way I can make you change your mind ? I am willing to pay for the extra dollars it would cost to send it just accross the ocean ! Because my beautiful Journal does not have the homework on it, I still have to relate on my computer…

My second question is about when to write in my Journal. I relistened to the homework video and you mention writing every morning. This time doesn’t seem to be very convenient to me.
I write when something comes up in my mind, whenever during the day when I have a free spot in between clients, or lunch break, or I make sure I write before going to bed at the latest, even if it is 1 am. That way I feel freedom and pleasure to do it, where I would feel forced to make the writing fit in such a small window, then guilty that I can’t always achieve it.

My way is comfortable to me and it is working for me, so far. But… am I missing a point with the morning writing ?

Thanks for your answer !