Morning person

So I did the April homework, and decided for my time goal this month that I want to develop and practice daily morning and evening routines. I drew it all out, and it’s pretty drastically changing my day.

I believe that establishing true routines will help me be more productive during the day.

However, I’ve always been an evening person – I do my best work at night. But with a two year old at home who still wakes up and breastfeeds at night (something I’m willing to do, not changing this), that’s not always super practical.

So as soon as I want to change things, I always make plans to get up earlier, go to bed earlier. I’m self employed so have total freedom with how I plan my day (well I have a toddler and my boyfriend to take into consideration of course)

I’m worried that:
1) I’m changing too much too soon – should I do this less drastically? wake up a little earlier each day, add one thing to the routine at a time?
2) Is it even possible to become a morning person when you’ve always been a night owl? Or am I trying the impossible? Is this wishful thinking?