Morning Routine

Hey Brooke, I was doing my homework this morning and noticed a thought I wanted to ask you about. I was thinking about having a set morning routine (thought work, meditation, yoga) I have done this in the past, but don’t have it dialed in right now, just doing the thought work at present. The unintentional thought that came up in my first model was:

C. Morning routine
T. I want to have a morning routine.
F. Yearning
A. thinking about what I want
R. No morning routine

this was so fascinating to see! I want to have a morning routine seems so supportive and sweet, but it is a poisonous thought it seems, like I have no control over this want of mine. My question is, is that always the way with an “I want” thought?

After seeing this so clearly, I tried some new thoughts in the intentional model and the one that seemed to really work for me was:
T. I am worth my own love, time and attention
F. supported
A. Commit to morning routine FOR ME
R.I prove to myself that I am worth my own love, time and attention.

The reason I like that thought for me is because in looking further, my underlying thoughts (belief) is that other things are more worth my time than me being with me. I need to get up and get going, get connected to the world and check on news and start the to do list …… when what I really need is to connect with me in a way that serves me and all the people that I serve.

I also looked at
T. I’m willing to commit to a morning routine
T. Being with myself in an intentional, supportive way every morning is a top priority for me.
T. I am worth making time with myself a priority.

They all seem so much more powerful and have the ability to create the action I want way over “I want to have a morning routine”.

LOVE this work!!