Morning routine with my daughter 2

Thank you so much for your answer!

Q: So how do you want to think about the time you leave if it’s just neutral data and you have all the power?

I’d like to think it’s ok to be late but right now I think that it is a problem for the organisation of the school, that it would be disrespectful, that the director of the school would be mad at us.

Another reason for me to be on time is: I like to be on time. I think this is nice to arrive at the same time, have a talk with the other children and parents, and honor the commitment to arrive at the same time so the organisation of the school is smoother. This is a reason I like.
If I think, “I like to leave the house at 8:25 am, but it’s not a problem if we don’t”, I could maximize our chances to do so, but not be irritated during our morning routine and not be mad if we are late.

C morning routine
T it’s not a problem if we are late
F relaxed
A have breakfast, brush my teeth, get dressed, and encourage my daughter to do the same, observe what happens
R I don’t create a problem every morning

C morning routine
T I like to leave the house at 8:25
F motivated
A prepare the breakfast in advance, ask my daughter what she wants to wear the day after, wake up at 7:10, wake my daughter up at 7:20, watch the process of the morning routine
R I create a pleasant experience for myself