Morning routine with my daughter

Dear Coach,
I post my models of the day about how I judge my daughter during our morning routine.
We have to leave home to go to school at 8:25 am.
When I see my daughter having breakfast, washing her teeth or using the bathroom, I think “gosh, she is so slow, she is talking so much, she can’t concentrate to do things in time, we gonna be late if we don’t hurry” (… of course she can’t concentrate, she is 5 years old…) and I try to refocus her to do what she has to do, but it doesn’t feel good!
How to reach the goal to leave home on time AND have a pleasant experience with my daughter? (As I’m writing this, I can see this is totally not related… But I do think if I don’t press her, we won’t gonna make it on time!)
It seems I don’t see the “shades of gray” of the situation: either I’m angry, pressing her, and we’re on time, or I accomodate to her rhythm, and we will loose track of the time and be late.

C daughter in the bathroom
T my gosh she is so slow
F irritated
A judge her behavior and her as a person, label her, tell her what to do, leave, do something else which feels better
R I miss the opportunity to spend a nice time together, I miss the opportunity to teach her and me how to focus (for her on the things to do, and for me on my intentional thought)?

C daughter in the bathroom
T I’ll imagine I’m in master coach instructor program and this is my assignment
F excited
A observe myself and my daughter, imagine Brooke being with me, come with creative things to say or do, play games, speak gently with my daughter
R I evolve myself

Would you have some recommandations? Thank you so much.