Morning Thoughts

Hi Coaches!
My question is on negative thoughts and anxiety in the morning! I’ve heard Brooke talk about how her brain still says horrible things in the morning, and how this is completely normal, but I’m just wondering the best way to deal with it.
During the week, no matter how positive the day before was, my thoughts as soon as I wake up are “I’m still so tired, this is going to be a hard day, I wish I didn’t have to do anything today, there’s X amount of hours till I can relax” etc etc. I have learnt to expect these thoughts and push through anyway. I think “this is a thought error. This is to be expected. I’m getting up and starting my day anyway. I love spending my morning walking with my dog.” And within the hour, I usually feel stable and ready for the rest of my day.
However, on weekends I find things more difficult. I’m thinking I should try to get straight out of bed to write my thoughts down and coach myself before the day begins? I find myself staying in bed, being mad about my negative thoughts, and wasting my weekend away. Or should I process the feeling without judgement and attack my day when I’m ready, allowing myself to relax into the thoughts?

C: Saturday wake up
T: (lots of negative things! I guess I should write them down and work on one at a time?)
F: frustration
A: stay in bed to indulge in self pity and frustration
R: I have not spent my Saturday with intention

C: Saturday wake up
T: a thought download will help to identify the thoughts that need work
F: ??? I will probably still not feel like doing a thought download? Maybe a tiny bit hopeful? Determined?
A: do thought download
R: I discover the thoughts behind my negativity on Saturdays