My mom temporarily moved in with us and I often feel irritated and annoyed with her. I get upset when she doesn’t take responsibility for things in the past, like divorcing my dad. She acts powerless in her decisions and blames others. Yes, I know these are my interpretatione of what is happening. I am judging her as she is judging others. I am harshly judging her for all her choices in life, these feelings are so strong and I’m trying to get to the bottom of my feelings.

I’m looking for a bridging thought to move forward, trying to see things from her eyes.

My model:
C: mom moved in
T: she is so judgmental
F: anger
A: getting snippy with her, starting confrontations, judging her,
R: strained conversations, tense relationship,

C: mom moved in
T: she sees things differently than I do
F: accepting
A: listen with compassion, try and understand where she is coming from
R: improve my relationship

Thank you!