My mom has the tendency to decide not to speak to my siblings or me once in a while. Before I had my daughter, it wasn’t as bothersome to me but now it upsets me when she doesn’t pick up when my daughter wants to FaceTime with her.

The past couple days she was acting odd on text- reading messages and not responding. Ignoring my FaceTime and then calling my brother while we were on a call with him a couple minutes later. We wanted to call her before leaving for a month to see my in laws in Europe and she didn’t answer. I still sent her pics of my daughter etc.

Today I sent her this message: “I notice you’re not communicating. I wanted Bella to talk to you Sunday before we left and you opted not to speak to us. I’m not sure why the passive aggressive behavior from your end while I’m trying to keep you informed on our trip so I’ll give you the space you need. Have a great day ;)”

Unintentional model
C- Mom is not speaking to me
T: She needs to grow up
F: Angry
A: Sent a text
R: Even angrier

C: Mom not speaking to me
T: She can be in her feelings and I can give her space
F: Indifferent
A: Live my life and enjoy the trip
R: She will decide when she’s interested in talking to us

I like my intentional model but I’m still angry 😡