Mother doesn’t approve of Fiance

My fiancé of 6 weeks and I spent time with my mother and other family at the beach recently. After returning home my mother expressed concerns regarding our impending marriage. She was concerned and expressed that she disliked that he didn’t speak much to her and said that he didn’t seem to enjoy the time they were together and that he didn’t seem comfortable. The phrase that sticks out most to me is that she said, “marriage is a really long time” insinuating something like I will regret my marriage. I wish my mother would express approval toward him and think she should not express these negative thoughts to me.

C: my mother expressed her thoughts to me.
T: my mother doesn’t like my fiancé, doesn’t trust my judgement and thinks I’ll regret this decision.
F: resentment
A: I will withdraw from my mother.
R: I am disconnected from my mother.