Hello my lovely support team. As I was doing my self coaching this morning I realized that I have some block with my mother in law. Its like I can’t bring myself to show up in love for her even though when I look at her from a human level I know she is trying her best and I am not nailing “the human experience” if you will either. I can easily find connection there.

However, I am asking my brain what is blocking me from just accepting her fully and getting stuck. I know I know. But I am having a hard time going deeper here. Any questions I could borrow to get down to the real reason I am holding her in judgement?

Here are some of my examples thoughts. None of them feel like “yes, that’s the one”. Maybe its a combination of all of them:

My brain is just looking for a problem to focus on and she what my brain has focused on, time to reallocate my thinking elsewhere.

I am jealous of her on some level.

She is always complaining and loves to point out what is not going right (this one is interesting because maybe I am always complaining- HA!).

She creates drama where there is none.

As I am writing this I am realizing maybe she is reflecting these qualities I naturally have in myself and feel like somehow if I am with her/around her/that is how I will be too? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!