Mother In Law

I love my mother in law. She is the sweetest person I know. My husband and I are staying at her house this week and working remotely. She talks a lot. Meaning, while I’m working on my computer she is talking non-stop (in fact, she’s talking to me right now!) Sometimes, I just ignore her because I am working and she doesn’t seem to really notice if I’m not paying attention. But this makes me feel guilty.

C: Mother-in-law is talking
T: I’m rude for ignoring her.
F: Guilty.
A: I don’t fully concentrate on my work OR on what she’s saying.
R: My work doesn’t get done as quickly as it could, still feel guilty.

I think I should change my thought to something that better serves me and gets the result I want. But should I also be setting better boundaries (ie. tell her I can’t talk right now?) Or both? Wouldn’t telling her I can’t talk right now (which I’ve tried… and it didn’t change the C) be an action that comes from another thought? For some reason, I’m feeling confused as to where to start with this one. Thanks!