Mother in Law Challenge

Circumstance: My Mother in Law is currently living with us

Thought – She lives in a chronic state of “if only” toxic energy
Feeling: anxious
Actions: I cook food for her and for my husband. I then don’t eat on my protocol because in my mind I think she has toxic energy. Eat off protocol
Result: I then live in a “if only” state of toxic energy for myself

The help I need is
1. should I work on allowing myself to feel anxious as she spews comments about if only I was in my house, if only I was still married, if only (insert some state that isn’t possible)
2. work on a new thought to have about her …”toxic energy” I realize isn’t serving me however that is how I feel. I know it’s not neutral. She really is saying words. I THEN INTERPRET them as “toxic”. I realize this intellectually but it’s hard to get to the THOUGHT that would help me

Bottom line:
the RESULT I want is to care for my Mother in Law, be good to her AND be good to ME by eating on my protocol and releasing the weight I want to release

I am stuck.
Thanks in advance.