Mother in law – freaking out… prophet of doom and gloom.

Thank you Brooke for posting the chaos series. I am sharing with mother in law who has no idea about the model / thoughts / buffering etc.
I am sharing the ideas and offering her the opportunity to consider changing her thoughts.

She keeps sharing her doom and gloom and every article of news. We are seeing it too and we are educated enough to think about our own responses.

I am managing my thoughts and when I am not trying to coach her calmly to new thoughts, I’m acknowledging the thoughts of her catatrophising and my feelings of frustration and of course the unnecessary actions that come from feeling frustrated.

As the people I’m sharing the podcast with are novice to the podcast and coaching – it would be helpful to explain that constant watching the news is “buffering”; and let’s try to find some small ladder thoughts / and suggestions of actions (including coaching 🙂 that might be helpful to try.

I’m not really asking a question – just offering a suggestion to include some strategies for the very resistant and very new to thought work in the podcasts to help with sharing to those who need it most.

Amazing Brooke I’m so grateful to you and the team for your work and putting it out into the world.

Thanks again!!!!