mother relationship

I’ve listened to your all of your podcasts and look forward to them every week! I’m brand new to SCS and I’m so excited to have you as my coach! I know you have discussed relationships and boundaries, but it gets grey for me. My situation is that I have a mother is immoral and sneaky (I say this are true because I believe they are true, but I”m not sure if that’s a C or a F either). I feel that I can’t trust her. I don’t want to keep a relationship with her just to have a mother in my life. I feel like I am cheating myself by putting up with her shenanigans but don’t know how to address it. She is manipuative and pushy and is one of those people that turns things around so I just keep feeling frustrated. I actually felt a sense of relief when she went on a two week trip. I also want my kids to hopefully see a healthy mother/daughter relationship because I want a healthy, no-drama, long term relationship with them as they get older. Any advice on how to work through this would be so helpful. thank you!