Mother VS Daughter Issues

Hi Brooke,

I am so happy with the progress that I have made since joining SCS in Aug. I started out thinking that I could never lose weight and I have been able to figure out a protocol that includes a morning fast and 2 meals a day and I have lost 17 pounds!!!
Tonight I had an argument with my 19 year old daughter and I regret that it escalated the way that it did. She suffers from anxiety and depression and is often very disrespectful to me and she is very dismissive. I gave her an earful ( which I do regret, but I am seriously frustrated with her attitude towards me). She lost her dad when she was 11 and due to the fact that he was a very abusive person, I carry a lot of guilt and try not to rock the boat with her. After our argument, I went and ate 4 squares of dark chocolate and after doing it, realized that I was buffering. My plan is to get on track again tomorrow and move on and not beat myself up for giving in.
What I would like, is your help in learning how to cope with a young woman who is still dependent on me to a larger degree, but old enough to kick out of the house and I have invited her to leave if she can’t show respect. I realize that her anxiety is the cause and I may over react. I am not really sure how to create a model for a situation like this. I would love your guidance for this. I lover her to pieces and she knows this, but we are both very strong headed women.

Thank you!

Joyce C