Mother work

Hi Brooke- You mentioned a few podcasts you did a while back where you talked about all your work setting boundaries with your mom. Could you tell me which episodes those were or what they were called?
My mom issues are bubbling up and I want to deal with this in a healthy way this time.
Last weekend my mom sent a group text to the whole fam suggesting my husband and I host the Labor Day swim party at our house. My hubby was very annoyed but since we were already planning to invite everyone we just let it go and planned the party. Then she shows up in the worst mood, sniping at her husband and causing much drama with several people. She was obviously so off kilter and not in a good place on Labor Day. If I try to talk with her about things we get into more drama and her defensivism so I don’t. So many little things drive my hubby nuts and I need to set boundaries for his sake. Dinner was barely over when she raided our freezer and had all the little kids eating our ice cream even though I had a cookie cake ready to serve (not for me;). She was even eating ice cream straight out of the carton with her spoon. So what next? It’s exhausting for my husband. I can love her how she is and have learned how to manage her but do you see any way for me to help the situation get better?