Okay. I’m ready for some hard coaching here.
I have a couple beliefs that are draining a lot of my energy on a daily basis, especially now with all of my kids being at home.
The thoughts are:
Being a mom is hard.
I don’t have a lot of patience.
My life would be easier without kids.
These are thoughts that feel like fact, but I don’t like how they affect my relationship with my kids and with my life. They keep me in emotional childhood, and self pity. It’s interesting how much evidence I gain throughout the day to support these beliefs – it’s like everything comes back to them.
I know that how I interact with my life would completely change if I believed the opposite of each one.
Will I ever get to a point where I do believe the opposite and have that result in my life (where this is exactly the life that I want)? Or will it always be a bringing back to awareness, and choosing the intentional thoughts?
My brain wants to tell me that this is too much work, that I will never get there, and it’s just true that my life would be easier without kids. River of misery sucks.