Mother’s Day Misery

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I expected very little from my family and that is what I got. My husband did say the words “Happy Mother’s Day” to me and my 23 year old daughter did not acknowledge the day until I mentioned it later in the day. That was the extent of it. I had already ordered myself a present that I wanted and thought I had my thoughts dialed in so I could enjoy the day. By yesterday afternoon, I was miserable with the thoughts “they don’t care about me or appreciate me at all.” I do so much for them and when do they ever seem grateful?

C – My thoughts about my families actions yesterday
T – They don’t appreciate me and everything that I do for them
F – Miserable
A – List all the things I do for them, ruminate on how unappreciated I am, list all the things they don’t do, withdraw, lash out
R – I don’t appreciate them or myself

I wrote an intentional model that I want to believe that has the F line as gratitude for having a family every day not just Mother’s Day but today I just feel sad that I let the thoughts lead me to misery. I know I cannot change my family but I can’t seem to get out of this victim mentality and find a neutral thought that will help lead me to a better feeling.