MOTHERS DAY Model … Help

I am thinking a lot of thoughts and feeling a lot of feelings as Mother’s Day approaches. I ran an unintentional model this afternoon, and was hoping a coach could look over it and help me clean it up a bit?

C–> Mother’s Day is in 18 days
T –> I have a difficult time validating my mom. I am not a nice daughter.
F –> Ashamed
A –> I avoid her, even when I’m with her. I am clingy to my husband whenever we are with her. I think about asking my husband to take care of Mother’s Day for my mom and his mom this year. I focus on Mothers Day for my grandmother, instead. I think thoughts and ruminate on thoughts that both don’t serve me well, and really don’t represent who I really am. In my ruminating, I even wish that she would feel bad.
R –> I don’t show up as my best self – I am “not nice daughter”.