Mothers who want to know

I have discovered that I am harboring some anger towards the mothers in my life. We have from the outside what looks like perfectly pleasant relationships. However, as I have begun taking more action in my life around my business I have found that I have an overlaying desire to restrict the sharing of any information regarding my pursuits. As I have thought about this desire to keep these people at a distance in this regard I have realized that is not because I don’t want them to see me fail but because I don’t want them to see me succeed. And why do I not want them to see me succeed, because I am angry with them. My model looks like this currently:
C. Mothers
F. Anger and resentment
T. You don’t deserve to know things about my life
A. Withhold information, control what gets shared about my life
R. Strain and distance in the relationship.

Now, I believe that it would serve me to better to not have these thoughts and feelings but what is my intentional model going to look like if I still do not want to share things about my life with these women?