Motivated for the wrong reasons?

I’ve been working on my coaching business for 7 months and after this time, my motivation goes up and down in waves. It definitely went up when I started SCS and whenever I hire a coach.

Thing is, people say you need to be motivated by your purpose, which for me would be to help my niche change their freaking lives and create a world where people have a cup full of love for themselves which overflows and touches the hearts of others.

But this purpose doesn’t motivate me to get up in the morning. What does is that I want my life coaching business to thrive so I can be with my boyfriend in another country. We’re long distance – 8,000 miles apart.

I want to have enough funds to travel between our two countries with a business I love as I love helping people too.

I’m so motivated now to earn $100,000 next year and I’m waking up at 6 AM, hustling like crazy and working a lot and feeling quite happy.

Whenever I’m tired and think about consuming content as it’s easier, I can say “no, this is fueling my relationship” and I get back to it.

I feel like this shouldn’t be my reason and I need a reason that’s more like the gurus say. Should I change my thinking because it’s not healthy to use your relationship as motivation or just go for it?