How to move from thoughts of self doubt, dread and anxiety to thoughts which inspire massive action?

Hi Brooke,
I am so excited to join your classes. Your model and ideas are brilliant. I have been inspired by the same teachers as you, and you’ve done a great job distilling the important features. Thank you for offering this course!
I am wondering if you can help me with my specific problem right now, as I start your course. I am someone whose life became defined by career (possibly workaholism) and poor relationship choices (and poor ability to manage thoughts/emotions). I am excited to create the next version of me. At the same time I am feeling overwhelmed about the idea of making so many changes in so many areas – about being effective, active, and creating a fulfilling life in several areas. I suppose my thoughts are anxious and my thoughts doubt that I can create the life I’d like to create. Can you provide examples of thoughts that would energize and be optimistic and inspire me into massive action? Thank you