Hi Brooke!
We have been thinking of moving for a couple of years (our lovely neighborhood has a pattern of crime the past 4 years or so – mostly car break ins but lately car jackings and occasionally house breakins). We have talked ourselves out of moving in the past because of financial reasons and because it is such a great place to live (besides the crime). I’m doing my homework and doing a model on the crime and us wanting to move (we also have outgrown our home). The only alternative that seems to bring me ease to “we need to move asap bc it’s dangerous to stay here” seems to be me listing off things like “we have food and water, we have wonderful police, we have great neighbors, we have electricity, we have our health”. I guess I’m wondering if I need to get to a place where us moving has nothing to do about my thoughts regarding the crime or I just look at the crime as one of the reasons but more as a “math” issue?