moving forward despite disappointment

I got the news yesterday that a colleague got a promotion, one I would have liked to have gotten. I am genuinely happy for my colleague, who deserves the promotion. I am feeling disappointed, though, in my boss who hasn’t supported my promotion. I spent an hour this morning and an hour at lunch alone, trying to work through/feel my feelings. It still feels raw, but I know it’s not serving me and is impacting how I show up at work.


C – colleague promoted
T – why isn’t this happening for me as well?
F – disappointed
A – stew, stay in my thoughts, show up distracted and unhappy
R – I confirm my victimhood and don’t make career progress

I am trying to find thoughts that will help me generate a feeling of empowerment in my career. And right now I have the following list:

– I can take 1 action towards finding a new job, even if it feels hard
– there are good things ahead for me
– I am capable of great work
– I am learning to be the kind of person who achieves great things
– I give myself permission to believe in a better future
– I believe the universe has my back on this

Is it ok to have a LIST of thoughts that I believe and repeat? I feel like each one responds to a UM about my career that I’ve been struggling with, but not sure how to proceed.